Proper Lawn Care …
is the best defense against weeds, disease and insects. Established lawns need about 1 inch of water per week from rain or irrigation. Fertilize 3-4 times per year. Set your mowing height high and cut no more than 1/3 of the total height.

Planting in Heavy Shade
Don´t bother with grass under a heavy leaf canopy. Plant the space with a shade-tolerant ground cover, such as ivy or periwinkle. Keep climbing specimens clipped back 6 inches from the trunks.


Professional Landscape Design Services

A well designed landscape provides wonderful aesthetic experiences and lasting memories.

Equipped with more than ten years of experience in residential landscape architecture, our degreed designer will create a landscape plan that will help you realize the potential of your outdoor space.

Using the strengths of your existing landscape, we then apply sound design principles to develop unique and functional exterior spaces that will extend your usable living space and improve your property value.

Getting Started

We start the process with an initial consultation where we collect all of the elements you desire for your property. This may include improving curb appeal, developing outdoor living spaces, or improving the sustainability of your landscape.

If a design is not necessary to accomplish your project goals, we can then provide you with a comprehensive installation proposal at no cost to you.