Extend the Patio Season
Provide an area adjacent to your patio space for a fireplace, fire pit or fire burner. Adding a source of heat will allow you to comfortably enjoy your outdoor living space during the cool days and nights in spring and fall.

Entry Paths
Make a bland entry path considerably more inviting with a mass of colorful annuals. Select varieties that will spill over the path and blur the hard line.

Overseeding Technique
In spring or fall, sprinkle grass seed over your lawn. This will help fill in bare spots and choke out weeds. If filling areas, first loosen soil and spread peat moss, compost or top soil, then walk over lawn to help push seeds into soil. Don't forget to water!


Recently Completed Landscaping, Landscape Design and Installation Projects



Work Completed

Mike and Susan Lakeville, MN excavation, Anchor Kingston pavers, granite steps, stream and pondless waterfall
Ron and Barb Burnsville, MN Anchor Afton paver driveway/sidewalk, Chilton stone edging, plantings, Anchor Highland retaining wall
Herm and Jan Burnsville, MN Anchor Highland freestanding wall and pillars w/Kasota stone caps, paver patio, Fond Du Lac flagstone path, plantings, mulch
Bill and Pat Eagan, MN Hunter Irrigation system, 8x11 pond/waterfall
Charles and Tara Eden Prairie, MN plantings, amend soil, mulch, decorative rock, irrigation adjustments
Kent Prior Lake, MN limestone boulder walls, Silver Creek concrete steps, irrigation system, paver patios, lighting
Travis and Maggie Rosemount, MN fieldstone boulder wall, Anchor Afton paver patio, plantings, irrigation system
Craig and Connie Rosemount, MN Belgard Arbel paver patio, fire pit, freestanding wall/pillars, lighting
Dan and Barb Lakeville, MN Belgard Urbana paver patios/walks, pondless waterfall, plantings, lighting, sod
Mike and Jen Farmington, MN Belgard Arbel/Urbana paver patio, decorative rock, plantings
Frans and Sandy Bloomington, MN timber wall removal, gray trap boulder walls, granite steps, paver patios, sod
Tom and Lisa Lakeville, MN Anchor Charleston paver driveway, plantings, paver patio, pondless waterfall
Dave and Karen West St. Paul, MN Chilton flagstone patios and paths, plantings, irrigation adjustments, paver patio
Daniel and Mary Eagan, MN boulder walls, flagstone fire pit, irrigation, drain tile, sod, grading
Mike and Loryn Minneapolis, MN Anchor Highland retaining wall, grading, demolition
George and Ann Apple Valley, MN Anchor Afton paver patio, cultured stone free standing walls and pillars, plantings, drip irrigation
Brandon and Shelby Lakeville, MN Silver Creek paver patio, random boulders, plantings, mulch, edging
Tom and Tina Apple Valley, MN tiered Keystone retaining walls, irrigation, sod
Nick and Brooke Shakopee, MN foundation plantings, grading, irrigation, sod
Chris and Sally Lakeville, MN Silver Creek paver patio, irrigation system, plantings, sod
Paul and Virginia Savage, MN Chilton flagstone path, lighting, plantings, mulch
Joel and Jennifer St. Paul, MN retaining wall, paver patio, plantings, sod
Mike West St. Paul, MN Belgard Arbel patio, limestone boulders, drain tile, sod
Rod and Rita Prior Lake, MN grading, plantings, irrigation system, sod, steps tones
Tim and Ann Apple Valley, MN mortared stone walls, Silver Creek steps and patio, bluestone patio, plantings, sod
Mike Minneapolis, MN Anchor retaining walls, Belgard Urbana paver patio, plantings, mulch, sod
Tony and Jennifer Eagan, MN boulder wall, irrigation system, sod
Matt and Denise Farmington, MN pondless waterfall, boulder fire pit, plantings, mulch